The Journey To Competitive Advantage...

Through Servant Leadership



"A thought provoking and insightful look into the often underestimated and misunderstood field of leadership in business; Bill Flint’s The Journey To Competitive Advantage Through Servant Leadership offers a pragmatic “Golden Rule” guide to being a responsible and inspiring leader. A “must read” book for professional and personal enlightenment in what it takes to bring out the best in your people and yourself."

Dr. Stormy T. W. Hicks, Ph.D., Former President & COO of J.B. Poindexter Co., and ITT Automotive, and Executive Director of Ford Motor Company
"Bill takes real life experiences and learning’s to teach us about people-centered leadership.  He presents compelling anecdotes and logic to demonstrate what it is, how to do it right and why effective “servant leadership” is the master key that unlocks success with any team, business, or organization.  Bill’s values, principles, passion, successes, and “lessons learned” shine through and provide a didactic roadmap for aspiring leaders."
Bruce Freeman, Operating Partner, Thompson Street Capital Partners
"Bill Flint has achieved considerable success in an impressive business career, but he is also one of those all-to-rare individuals who have graced the business world with a life of faith and principle.  This book compiles the lessons of a lifetime into one comprehensive document that can help point the way for future leaders to the fulfilling life of what some call "servant leadership" - that powerful, almost mystical capability to help people achieve beyond their fondest dreams, while living a life of faith and making priceless contributions to their family, the community and the greater world."
John Beakes, President, Operational Performance Solutions, Inc.
"The Journey To Competitive Advantage Through Servant Leadership is packed with life lessons that can greatly improve your life and your business.  Bill Flint takes a highly ethical and moral approach to developing employees, running your business, and balancing your life.  He provides practical examples of how to build a business of which you can be proud and where employees can excel. The wisdom of treating others like you want to be treated rather than how you have been treated raises the bar in employee relations.  Helping people succeed and achieve their goals is a time proven way to ensure that you too will succeed.  Everyone can benefit from the lessons that Bill has learned from his successes and challenges.  If you are seeking to improve your career, be a leader in all you do, build a business of integrity, or balance your life with better relationships with family and friends - this book is for you!"
Dennis J. Hocker, PhD, Co-Founder of The Coach Academy
"Reading The Journey To Competitive Advantage Through Servant Leadership is like listening to the author speak. Anyone who knows Bill Flint treasures time with him and knows that it was time well spent.  Some books are read and shelved, while others are read, reread and loaned to others. This is the latter. Some books are outdated within months of their release…born of the wisdom of humanity, while others have a timeless quality born from the heart of God.  This is the latter. It offers truths that saturate the heart and life of Bill Flint…truths that have guided great men and women for thousands of years. Profitable for teaching, correcting and training there is fodder for staff meetings, newsletters and training seminars on every page. If a reader is looking for platitudes and/or original theoretical possibilities look elsewhere. This is a hands on, get the job done and done right guide for blue collar management. It will feed the best parts of you."
David M. Hutchens, Senior Pastor, Walnut Hill Bible Church, Baraboo, Wisconsin
"There's no better place to learn high level leadership than from someone that's done it on the front lines.  Bill has taken his vast years of experience, his direct teaching approach and put it all together in The Journey To Competitive Advantage Through Servant Leadership.  It will raise your level of leadership by heeding Bill’s coaching and putting these principles into practice."
Dave Engbrecht, Senior Pastor, Nappanee Missionary Church, Nappanee, Indiana
"What a breath of fresh air! The Journey To Competitive Advantage Through Servant Leadership is a great book that presents concepts and examples that people can easily relate to their own business, industry or other endeavor. If people are a part of it…it applies.


When I was in college decades ago, I went into industrial engineering for the purpose of growing strong, responsible industry. That vision is the same today. The book greatly reinforced to me the need for Servant-Leadership in all endeavors. It is a journey that must continue to progress, grow and strengthen; it never ends. But it is a very exciting journey indeed!


I have already recommended the book to others and will continue to do so."
Steven J Kiester, President, Dallas-Ft Worth Chapter of Institute of Industrial Engineers
"Bill Flint provides the reader with an enlightening, instructive, and approachable resource that prompts significant discourse around servant-oriented leadership. Replete with lessons learned from a litany of Flint’s leadership experiences, this book serves as a catalyst for promoting and fostering credibility, responsibility, relationships, good character, faith, motivation, and inspiration. Aspiring and practicing leaders across disciplines would reap tremendous benefits from this must read”.


Dr. Anthony H. Normore (Tony), Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Leadership,

Graduate School of Education, California Lutheran University

"I just finished reading, The Journey To Competitive Advantage Through Servant Leadership. It is extremely well written and thought provoking. What a terrific guide to help in the journey of becoming a servant leader. I think the "lessons learned" are particularly useful especially since these lessons are based on your Bill’s own life experiences. Thank you so much for putting your thoughts and this guide in print."
Ray Perren, President, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, Valdosta, Georgia